Website Design

Websites in today’s generation are a huge sales tool for all companies.

Did you know that within 60 seconds of entering your website, 90% of all users will either be looking to buy something or bounce off of your website and be looking for the same product or service on other websites.

Our website designers work with you to get the website you want, in the time scale we work together to set.

Nothing we design and make goes live until both parties are happy with the end product.

Don’t settle on a website look that is visually unpleasant, just because functionality is important, we take your idea’s as far as we can into the end product and can suggest improvements along the way to any idea’s you might have.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the most important part of a website. Without SEO, no-one can find you! Our developers will work closely with you to get the correct keywords, descriptions and page names to make sure your business is part of the web, that is visible to as much of the world as possible.

Other SEO companies might promise you the world and rank 1 for every term you desire, but they do this at a cost far greater than cash. They usually make changes on your website which might change the way you look, or use black hat techniques which might get you short term results on Google and Bing, but eventually they will penalise you for it and you might even get removed and block from Google results.