Reasons To Choose Us At Corp Networking

Below we have provided a brief list of some of the reasons why we think you should choose us. If you feel that something is missing from this list and you are an existing customer please do contact us with feedback.

Choose Us 10 YearsProven experience— For over a decade we have built up a reputation for delivering quality IT support and IT projects. Companies that have between 2 – 100 staff can join the growing list of companies we currently support. Please take the time to read our testimonials or contact our clients to hear first hand the level of support and expertise our teams provide.
Choose Us MonitoringProactive monitoring— Our Proactive Monitoring technology allows us to see potential problems before they occur and before they are able to detrimentally impact your business. With our pre-emptive measures in place we can fix a problem before you even knew you had it, as opposed to reacting to a problem you report, thus bringing any potential downtime / impact to a minimum.
Choose Us HandshakeUnderstanding Your Business Aspirations— We will focus on your business and develop a long lasting relationship. We always take the time to understand your industry and business aspirations so that we can provide an IT support service to meet your needs and accommodate your future plans.
Choose Us No JargonListening to Your Needs— We will listen to your needs, provide you with impartial advice and never baffle you with needless jargon.
Choose Us ProfessionalA Professional Approach— We conduct our relationship openly, honestly and professionally and will behave exactly in the same way as your internal staff.
Choose Us LoyaltyLasting loyalty— People rarely leave Corp Networking in fact the majority of our earliest employees are still with us. We’re proud to help people grow their careers.
Choose Us PhoneThree rings & you’re in—  We answer the phone within THREE rings. We focus on speed in everything we do.
Choose Us EngineerDirect To Engineer— Both Tickets and phone calls are directly answered by engineers, this give you the confidence your problem is being dealt with efficiently.