If you are still considering upgrading to Windows 10, but haven’t yet had the time, you have until July 29th to install your free upgrade. Once we reach July 30th, all Windows 10 upgrades will have to be paid for at the full retail price.

While July may not be that far away now, some manufacturers are yet to release Windows 10 compatible drivers for some of their equipment. Corp Networking strongly suggests using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant (Found HERE) will advise you on whether your computer is compatible or not.

Microsoft are the creators of the Windows Operating System

Windows 10 has a more accessible interface than previous versions of Windows and it also operates quite responsively compared to previous versions. On the downsides, a few clients have reported that Windows 10 has caused major compatibility issues for their businesses and there are also a few reports from clients (including myself!) that Windows 10 freezes far too often.

So, you have exactly 8 weeks from today to decide whether you want a free upgrade or not!