The date of release has now passed. Did anything change for you?  Chances are, you haven’t actually noticed anything different yet as Windows 10 did not mystically appear on your device overnight. The “Reserve Your Windows 10” button  hasn’t done anything for a lot of people, this is because your either in a queue, or Microsoft suspect something on your pc isn’t fully compatible with Windows 10 yet and is waiting for patches to be released before you get the nod to install your new Operating System.

For those of you who want to skip the queue, Microsoft has released its own tool for creating the media required. The “Media Creation Tool” is available here. It has both the 32 bit and 64bit software.

The licencing is quite straight forward, if you have a genuine Windows 7/8/8.1 Operating System, you are entitled to the Windows 10 free upgrade. (Enterprise edition excluded). You HAVE to do the in place upgrade first for Windows 10 to activate and licence itself to your hardware. If you try to do a clean install straight off, you wont be activated and therefore licensed. Once you have done an in place upgrade, Microsoft takes a unique hardware ID which is tied to your motherboard, and your now ready. You can clean install as many times as you want on your hardware, and you don’t even need a key, just skip and requesters during the install. As soon as Windows 10 is installed from there on, it automatically activates when it connects to the internet.

I have now had a few days to play with it and test it for my own use, and so far everything I have thrown at it has worked, and nippier and generally faster than 7 or 8 has been for me. One thing that did surprise me, was on a clean install it only used up 9.6gb of disk space. This has got to be good news for small SSD users as every gigabyte counts!

We are interested to know your thoughts and views on Windows 10 so far, or even if your having any issues we may be able to help with. Let us know by dropping us an email