Recently we were asked by a customer to look into securing their IT with a two part authentication system. The most favoured option was a fingerprint scanner to be able to log into the computers, as they will be using fingerprint scanners elsewhere to secure other parts of the business, like doors.

After some research, there are cheap ones you can get from auction sites, but they did not seem to work very well, not recognizing fingerprints reliably and the software that was pretty poor.  We eventually came across a UK Supplier of Futronic devices, who recommended and very kindly borrowed us a nice little device for testing (Huge thanks to them!).

The device we have is a Futronic FS80, which is a comparatively small, USB2.0 fingerprint scanner, which comes with free software.  The software integrates well with windows login, and gives a few options on what authentication and fingers you would like to use.  Throughout our testing, we couldn’t fool it once, and detected the correct users from the fingerprints every time.


The Futronic  FS80

Obviously, biometrics is not for everyone or every company, in this case the device fits the bill and the technology will fit in well with the requirement. As a two part authentication, it means you have to fingerprint and your password to login, to make sure your the correct person, this device can do that and also either or authentication also. The device also comes with a secondary bit of software, which allows you to save other programs passwords to be entered with a fingerprint rather than typing them out every time.

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