Over the past few months, we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of spam emails containing malicious viruses. Nowadays these emails are written more cleverly, they can be disguised as a delivery notification or invoice from reputable company like DHL, TNT and FedEx. Just this morning I even received one disguised as an MMS(multimedia message). Viruses can be a huge problem to businesses! The downtime required to clean or rebuild an infected machine can have a major impact of daily workflow and the cost implications can impact a business heavily. This is mainly caused by poor quality antivirus due to cost cutting.


As a partner for ESET, the leading Antivirus software  supplier, we get competitive rates for individual and bulk licenses for Nod32 series of antivirus.


To help combat this trend of rogue emails, we have decided to offer 10% Discount until December 31st on ESET products. Our prices are already lower than ESET RRP, coupled with our additional 10% promotion until the new year, What better way to make our computers protected.


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