Recently we have experienced some issues with Java 8, specifically version 8-32 and above.  It wont upgrade properly and if you try to clean install it, if failed with error 1603.  Researching the error gives a multitude of suggestions, and the makers know about it and are “Investigating” the issue. Not very helpful to say the least!

A few suggestions related to a windows update that caused the fault – as described here –


However that did not work for us, so was clear that there is more too it.

After trying all the normal stuff, and lots of suggestions we found relating to error 1603, we set out trying to resolve it ourselves without having to format the PC and start from scratch. After many attempts to get the correct sequence, we discovered a solution that we were able to replicate on each pc that had the problem.

Here is what we done

  1. Download and run JavaRa, it cleans out any reference to java for all versions below version 8 –
  2. In JavaRa, firstly run Update Definitions, then run Remove JRE , it will give you a couple of screens, click ok/yes on them, but stop at the “Download New Version”, we dotn need that.
  3. Close JavaRa, and download the full offline installer of the Java, stick with the x86 version –
  4. Go into your Add/Remove programs, and remove any Java programs installed.
  5. Go into your c:\program files  if 32bit or c:\program files (x86)  if your running a 64bit OS. Delete the Java , sun and oracle folders (if they exist).
  6. Click the start menu and type in %programdata%  and enter.   This will take you to a hidden folder, with some settings for programs. Again delete Java, Sun and Oracle folders if they exist.
  7. Run the offline Java installer, let it go all the way through. Half the time it goes through fully without issue, the rest of the time it fails again. Dont worry about that.
  8. Go back into the Program Files folder and open the Java folder, run the javacpl file. This is the Java Control Panel.  It may give you a warning or error, ignore them for now. Go to security and right at the top is “Enable Java in Browser”  It will be ticked, untick it.
  9. Re run your Java offline installer, and this time it should complete, but give you a warning saying Browser integration is disabled, but then say Java install complete.
  10. Go back into the Javacpl file, and tick the “Enable Java in Browser” button, and you should be all set to go!

If your still having problems at the end, then its likely your issue isnt related to the 1603 error directly and has some other cause. On the ones we have tried, this has solved our problems.

If this has solved your issue or your experiencing something similar which this does not resolve, drop us an email and let us know!