In a long overdue move Microsoft have announced the end of support for older versions of Internet Explorer.


From the 12th January 2016.

What does this mean?

This means that Microsoft will not be developing any more security updates or compatibility fixes for these versions of Internet Explorer. They will also not be providing technical support either. Running older versions of Internet Explorer after January 12th leaves you exposed to potential risks such as:


Without browser updates, your computer becomes more vulnerable to an array of harmful software such as; viruses, malware, spyware and other hosts of dangerous programs that may have the potential to steal business critical data and information.


Businesses that are bound by compliance obligations should contact companies to confirm whether with an older version of their browsers, they are still able to comply to regulations and requirements using an unsupported piece of software.

Independent Software Support

Many software vendors no longer support older versions of browsers. This means the software might still work on an outdated browser, but may not be secure or run efficiently and may slow down the computer or cause problems. An example would be Office 365 which takes advantage of the latest technology standards implemented in up to date browsers, to increase performance.

How can I check if my internet browser is up to date?

Users on Windows XP, you’ve been out of luck for a while as the latest version of Internet Explorer that would run on Windows XP was Internet Explorer 8. Combined with the fact that Microsoft ended Windows XP support in April 2014 you potentially have been vulnerable for a while, and as such, we recommend updating to a modern operating system such as Windows 7 or above.
If you are on Windows 7 or above, check out the screenshots below in which we’ve demonstrated how to check if your browser is up to date.

Step 1

Internet Browser Version Check 1

Step 2

Internet Browser Version Check 2

Step 3

Internet Browser Version Check 3

Ok I’m using an outdated version, and can’t update what can I do?

You should consult your IT department if you have one and specify updating Internet Explorer. If you don’t have an IT department to fall back on, you should get in touch with us here at Corp Networking either on telephone: 0151 334 2543 or via email:


You should ensure you have an updated browser where ever possible. If you wish for an alternative to IE (Internet Explorer), perhaps consider alternatives such as; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari.

You can read more about this on Microsoft’s website here.