Are you one of the 500,000 victims that succumbed to the CryptoLocker Malware?

Well if you are, the nice guys at Fox-IT, one of the security firms involved with trying to catch the Russian led Cyber Gang, lucked onto them trying to send a copy of there database somewhere. Thank fully they intercepted it and now have created a website which if you upload one of the locked files and your email address, they will analyze it and send you  the key used to lock it from the database.

In late May law enforcement agencies managed to find and seize some of the network of computers that was used to spread the malware, and managed to take control of some more that were still in operation. It was due to this they were able to find out information of the existence of a database (Which the malware itself tells you it doesn’t exist and deletes your key!)  This is the link, which we have taken from the BBC website to share with you.

If your unsure how to do this yourself or need some advice, or if you would like advice on how to avoid this sort of problem in the future please drop us a line or an email and we will do what we can to guide you through recovering your files.