Cryptolocker Ransomware

In September 2013 a new ransomware was discovered called Cryptolocker. This is similar to the fake antivirus ransomware that install and demand a payment to go away, but with Crytolocker is encrypts your files and demands  upwards of $300 so you can unlock your files. What is very troubling about this ransomware is that if you do not pay the fee your files will remain encrypted; therefore if you do not have a backup you will lose your files. Again IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BACKUP YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FILES!

Rarely do we get this alarmed about malware but this one is new and adapting quickly to preventive measures.

How do you get this ransomware? • It will come in the form of a zip file that contains an install file (exe) that you have to run. • It also can come from links on infected websites.

How do I keep from getting this and any ransomware? • Keep your antivirus product up-to-date. • Run antivirus software that also protects you from websites that are known to distribute viri. • Do not ever run an install file that was sent to you from anyone unless you have called them and confirmed they sent it to you. • When on websites and programs want to install be very cautious.

Take away from this message • Have a good and updated antivirus program • Make backups frequently.

We have had a few instances of customers getting this virus, It can and will search and encrypt mapped network drives, so keep your backups up to date and most importantly make sure you be vigilant.

If your unsure if the site or email is a virus, give us a call and we will let you know if its safe to continue!

This is what it looks like if you’ve been infected…