Cloud BI vs On-Premise Business Intelligence

On-premises has been the main Business Intelligence System since companies first saw the benefits of improved analytic and reporting. With better technologies, the last few years have seen the emergence and rise of a new Business Intelligence – Cloud BI. Fighting the dinosaurs of the BI world was always going to be a challenge but, given the advantages that Cloud BI holds over on-premises tools – such as faster implementation, cost efficiency, improved access and more availability to name a few – 2014 can only bode well for this relatively new software. We believe that 2014 will be the year for Cloud BI as more and more companies – who could not before – will now be able to realise the benefits of Business Intelligence Systems


Cloud BI – A definition

Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) applications are hosted on a virtual network, such as the internet, and are used to provide organizations with access to BI-related data such as dashboards, KPIs and other business analytics. Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-based tools, like CRM applications (Salesforce), online file collaboration and storage (Dropbox, Box) and help desk software (UserVoice, Zendesk). This trend includes business intelligence tools embracing the agility and accessibility of the Cloud.