Today the news broke that some clever Russians have posted details to a website with how to log into thousands of peoples CCTV and webcams dotted all over the world.

How is this even possible? Well, if you have had a CCTV system or a webcam system, or even a baby monitor installed that connects to the web so you can view your companies security at a glance from anywhere in the world, or even if you have gone on holiday and have set up a webcam to see how your furry friends at home are getting on while your not there, then theres a chance its open to everyone.

If YOU can connect to it from anywhere, then it is likely that everyone else can if it is not set up securely.

Have a think, how do you connect to it, is there password on it? Have you changed the default password? is it just an address e.g

If your unsure you need to get it checked. By having criminals been able to view your cameras, they can see when your not in, what your doing and what valuables you have.

What the criminals in this case discovered is, they can just connect to random addresses or IP addresses of known domains, and see what ports are open and try their luck to see what they find. CCTV and webcams tend to be on specific ports if not altered, and are quite easy to find. Once they find the log in page, they will try default or obvious passwords, if they are correct, they are free to watch and you will never find out.

Realistically, whether at home or in business, your security systems need to be secured from randoms on the internet.  Get your systems checked out asap. Worst case scenario, ports and passwords can be changed or even hidden completely.  Give us a call for advice if you need any help!