BT have had a major service outage across the UK today. A number of Corp Networking’s clients have called in to inform us about their lack of Broadband service.

A spokesman from BT has mentioned: “It is true that we are down at the moment. We are aware of the problems and are working on them as fast as we can.

BT themselves have also confirmed that both their website and their Customer Service numbers are also affected by the outage. BT have recently stated that they have engineers on-site and are working to rectify the fault as soon as possible.

We hope that BT will have their Internet and Phone services available again very soon. A substantial amount of businesses across the UK are currently working “in the dark” due to this major outage.

A Website known as “Down Detector” have created an informative interactive map that shows the scale of the outage.

BT Outage - 2nd Feb 2016