Due to Microsoft products coming towards the end of life cycles, we are now dealing with more and more desktop and server replacements. With the many projects we deliver at Corp Networking, we have decided to highlight a standard everyday server set-up with a small four user client base.

Below is a nice example of what small businesses are upgrading too. We have the Dell T110 Quad core Xeon server which gives reliability and resilience, giving the customer peace of mind with the hardware they have purchased meeting their business demands and needs.

Replacing old and slow desktops with modern up to date Intel i5 powered Dell 3010 PC’S, enabling the customer to work more efficiently and swiftly. Linking PC’S and server through a new Netgear switch and using the renowned Draytek 2830N router to connect to the online based services we provide.

This is only a small project but highlights you can have up to date and modern technology even for small businesses. If you need advice and direction Corp Networking is always willing to help.